The Floormate

We called him mental case. His parents abandoned him on moving day. They didn’t even help the hapless boy carry stuff into the dorms. He’d polish stones a lot. Other days he’d read books by a tall glass tank and feed crickets to his tarantula. Sometimes — mostly at night — I’d hear his bedsprings creaking like he was engaging in sexual intercourse, but he always slept alone. I’d frequently witness him carry out full black bags of trash. The wet sugary foods he must’ve ingested every day soaked through the dark liner bottoms, leaving a slimy trail ants slurped at hours afterward. I chalked up this proclivity for sweets to why he was conspicuously overweight. Worse, he smelled like fish sticks always. He was our floormate. I’m not sure why he did what he did . . . we’re all different.


Truthfully, I hated to be such a bother. All I wanted was enough peace and quiet to sleep and be fresh for Economics 100. My class started at 7:15 a.m. I tried to knock my disgruntled feelings into the door. He’d been playing electric guitar the last five hours. He repeated the same terrible cover of “Dock of the Bay.” It was dull and repetitive and poorly-timed, the arrhythmically played chords permeating every wall. He appeared in boxers, which also weren’t pleasant. His musky cologne — along with the heavy smell of incense — covered a terrible smell that I knew was something other than those distinctive aromas.


“That guitar is kind of loud,” I said, averting eyes. “Maybe . . . do it tomorrow?”

“Absolutely. Hey,” he pointed at me. “Are you into video games?”

His chest and stomach was flabby. His upper torso appeared in the doorway with conspicuous red scratches. Cats and dogs don’t leave finger trails on an epidermis that way, I thought to myself. He must have had one crazy itch. Did he suffer from OCD?

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