The Dive

It was a beautiful brisk Manhattan autumn evening in 1984. Jimmy and Frankie were getting back on patrol from their meal. They had enjoyed a late supper at a new French restaurant, the CAFE DU PARC. Their old pal Nicky now owned and managed this elegant cafe on East 19th Street. Last week he had invited them to tonight’s private opening. Nicky was welcoming his hand-picked list of guests.

Decked out in his natty tuxedo and coiffed salt and pepper hair, Jimmy had his usual DUCK A L’ORANGE. Frankie loves COQ AU VIN. The Chef outdid himself. Everything was perfect. His made from scratch raspberry salad dressing was out of this world. The  perfect crusty bread was reminiscent of Paris.


Nicky selected a bottle of vintage imported French Bordeaux  to compliment their dinner.


Frankie thinks Chef Jean-Marque became miffed when Jimmy ordered his salad dry. Nicky explained to the Chef (in French) Jimmy’s tendency towards the pedestrian. Nicky claimed Jimmy was culinary, a work in progress.

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