The Devil's Playground


“Strictly speaking, it was kind of an accident that the council guy died. But you were beating him to a pulp when you collapsed on top of him. No one knew he was there under that huge costume - he was a small, skinny chap, after all. So, he kinda, well, suffocated. But no matter how, killing’s a definite ‘no no’ as far as ‘er upstairs is concerned. Still, you never know, she might summon you and give you a chance to repent,” the demon spat the word, “Which is up to you. Not as easy as you might think. In the meantime, enjoy your stay with us.”

With that, the demon leaned casually on a small lever to his left, and the great wooden doors to Hell swung open.

Nigel stared ahead, then turned and looked at the demon who returned his gaze with a puzzled expression.


“Yeah, actually,” said Nigel. “Can I at least take this fucking rhino suit off first?”

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