The Devil's Playground

“Come the day of the grand opening, I got down there early, camera at the ready and I... I couldn’t quite believe what I was looking at. No one could. There was the same old equipment - two swings, a slide and a springy donkey - albeit with a lick of paint - just moved around a bit. There were some new stepping stones but they led to a tiny sandpit that already had cat shit in it. The tank climbing frame was still there but with the long barrel removed - something to do with ‘European safety regulations.’”

“Ahh, yes. Gotta love the European parliament!”

Nigel shot the stranger a sideways glance.

“Sorry, Nigel,” he said without a trace of sincerity, “Do go on.”

“Everyone started to complain and ask exactly how the money had been spent. That slimeball councillor started going on about the consultants they’d paid thousands - no, tens of thousands - to tell us all we should be encouraging our children to use their imagination. I nearly went for him then, but I stopped myself. I only found out how conned we’d really been when I was out running again...”

“You learnt your lesson, then,” the stranger muttered.

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