The Devil's Playground

The stranger gave another knowing smirk but Nigel was on a roll, so he ignored it.

“It was okay at first, but come noon, I was sweating like a drugs mule going through the green channel...,”

“Yep, got a load of them in ‘ere ‘n all.”


“Drugs mules.”

“As I was saying, I knew it was gonna be hard but it was for such a good cause. The local playground was a disgrace. The other ones in town had shiny swings, hi-tech roundabouts, fancy new witch’s hats. And there’s ours with a climbing frame in the shape of a tank that’s been there since world war two! Anyway, it was awful. All those people cheering us along but all I could hear was my own breathing and the thump, thump, thump of the enormous arse...”

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