The Devil's Playground

“If only...”

“‘If only,’ ‘if only,’” the stranger interrupted, mimicking a whining child before resuming his usual gravelly tone, “Nearly everyone starts with ‘if only.’ I’m sick of hearing it!”

“Can I just get this off my chest, please?” Nigel asked. “After everything that’s happened, I think I’m entitled to rant for a bit!”

The stranger nodded a begrudging assent and Nigel continued, “If only the weather had lasted one more day. It had been perfect all week; dry, cool, light breeze. But come the actual day of the race and the sun comes out blazing like a prize-fighter out of retirement. ‘Someone up there doesn’t like me,’ I thought.”

The stranger snorted and smirked simultaneously.

“It had seemed inspired at the time, the idea of running a marathon for charity. Mind you, that was when I was sitting at a dinner table, full of wine, spouting off among friends. How was I to know the training would be so much easier than the actual race? It’s all very well jogging along in Lycra, but, let me tell you, foam rubber fashioned into the likeness of a rhinoceros is freaking heavy. And hot! You’ve never felt such heat - it was unbelievable!”

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