The Dead Girls

Legend says the girls haunt it to this day.  But Chris has never believed that.  No one’s really capable of splitting into two separate people.  It’s only a myth.

Course, tonight could change all that.

Opening his eyes, hoping they won’t be there, hoping this is a hallucination caused by his father’s death, hoping he’s not crazy.

But they are, down at the far end, skimming atop the water.

Chris stands and urinates over the side of the boat, watching them.  Can they see what he’s doing?  Probably, but he’s beyond caring.  The alcohol has finally tipped him over the edge.

Stupid brats, he thinks.  I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it ain’t gonna happen. I’m an Evans, and I made a promise to my dad, and in my family we keep your promises.  So you can forget about scaring me off.

Zipping up, he’s hit by a terrifying thought.  He’s the only Evans left.  He has no brothers, sisters, aunts, or cousins, and his grandparents are dead.

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