The Dead Girls

Over the next year he continued to feed her, but that was it; no additional contact.  During this time, the girl went insane.

The isolation, the lack of contact, is what did it.  Being locked in total darkness everyday takes a huge toll on a person, as it did her.   The only time she interacted with anyone was when Old Man Wilson brought her food or changed her bedding.  Otherwise, she was completely alone.

This produced a mental meltdown.  She lost her sense of time.  She forgot how to speak (forgot English entirely).  Forgot her parents.  Forgot what life was like in the town.   Forgot everything it meant to be “human.”

She started creating imaginary friends.  But she couldn’t communicate with them because she’d forgotten how.  So she’d sit there with them in the dark.  After a while they came up with their own system of grunts and hand gestures, which progressed to entire words, which progressed to a unique vocabulary.

But when this failed to relieve her alienation, she realized she had to do something bigger.  It wasn’t enough to have imaginary friends.  She needed physical contact.

And so she split herself in two, creating a whole other self out of her first self.  It looked just like her, acted like her, had the same thoughts as her.  Sprang to life wearing the same soiled rags that she wore.  It already knew her unique vocabulary, so they could communicate freely.

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