The Dead Girls

When they passed before the boat, Chris forced himself to watch.  He studied their golden faces, their long flowing hair, their tiny bodies wrapped in grass and reeds.  They glanced at him, each girl putting a finger to her lips, then continued on.

At the moment they’re at the other end, but he still sees them.  The night sky is reflected in the water, so they resemble two planets orbiting the stars.  They’re absolutely silent, and aside from their luminescent auras, they’re undetectable.

Aided by the moonlight, Chris plucks a worm from the Styrofoam cup and splices it onto the hook.  Guts squirt across his fingers.  He wipes them on his jeans then stands, rocking slightly with the boat.

He steadies himself, brings the pole back carefully to avoid the hook.  Feels the weight of it above his shoulder.  A deep breath and he whips it forward; the spool of line unwinds.  Aside from insects, it’s the only sound for miles.  The hook drops into the lake with a plunk, goes down quietly.

Leaning the pole over the side and wedging the handle up against the bench, he throws a back-glance at the glowing dead shapes.  There they are, unmoving for the moment, two balls of light piercing the dark.  They do that sometimes: sit perfectly still.  But they eventually continue back along the shore.

His bladder is full, so he unzips his fly and urinates into the water.  The night air chills his skin.  He has the sudden memory of his father doing the same thing.  Dad seemed larger than life: his towering form, his enormous member, the endless stream of gold that arced into the lake.

Chris sighs.  He misses those times, back when he was a boy and the world seemed like a happier place.

He sits down and his pole rattles, just slightly.  The string jerks through the eyeholes, then slacks.  Then nothing.

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