The Calling

In the old days, there were few, if any radical leftist Nuns and Priests. Now just as in the NYPD where people become cops to fuck with cops, the Church has people who becomes Nuns and Priests to purposely undermine the Church. This deceitful activity was undertaken for there own political and antisocial reasons.

But now and for the past forty years, the innocent Church and its policies have become ridiculed and mocked in popular media. Prosecutors, politicians and even entertainers serve the Church up to the media for ridicule.  Other religions always get a pass.

The pickings are slim for the recruitment of new Nuns and Priests. Irishers are giving way to Africans to fill the ranks. The ranks of the believers are also dwindling as more and more people are leaving the Church.

For most of their lives, Tommy and Jane have been entangled in two decreasingly anachronistic institutions they were rapidly losing faith in.  It was more than a feeling of mere nostalgia for the old ways, it was a loss of their tradition. Most surrender their faith because change is not fast enough. Tommy and Jane were unique for their realization of losing their faith because of the swiftness and nature of the change.

Tommy kiddingly said: ”They say people like us, we both belong to cults but yours is more severe than mine.” He went on to joke: “Nuns, Cops and Priests wear “uniforms” and sometimes get to work in civilian clothing. We both take a vow of poverty (cops are and have always been underpaid), but the vows in the Church are especially severe.” “Then again, our jobs have more socially isolating traditions than most mainstream jobs,” He added. Jane laughingly agreed. “But we love them,” she quietly said with a smile.


Tommy and Jane continued to see each other well into the next year.

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