The Calling

Nowadays, a sense of humor is forbidden. The Job is filled with lawsuits from women, minorities and gays alleging bullshit discrimination. Everyone gives everyone up. Cops audio and video each other.

Civilians that have never been cops are making policy. Special Prosecutors motivated by political ambition fuck innocent cops. A biased Civilian Complaint Review Board with power to discipline and fire Cops is run by lawyers who hate cops. Patrol cops can’t make a decision without calling the patrol supervisor. Cameras are everywhere and tapes are edited. And forget about the cop hating biased left wing media.

In the past, cops on patrol made more decisions than the supervisors. Now most cops are autotron affirmative action dummies afraid of their own shadows. They are soon dangerously becoming the next generation of supervisors shaping tradition.

Jane compared it to the Church. Same thing. Back in the day, if a Nun got pregnant, they took care of her and placed the baby with a good Catholic family. Good people who had to hide their homosexuality from their loved ones and society were welcomed in the Church. They were forgiven for their alleged sins, even when they “digressed.”

The Church was the one and only option open to make gay peoples families proud. Priests were transferred and protected by the Church. The only thing that bothered Jane about the Church was the inaction on the pedophilia problem. But all in all, the Church kept its dirty laundry out of the public eye. This made the institution respected while remaining a rock for the flock.

The institution also protected their flock in many ways. The childless were given children. The Church would intercede to save families. All in all, The Church “did the right thing.”

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