The Calling

“I denote everything by location within a Church Parish, you do the same by location within a NYPD Precient, that’s just an observation, no big deal, but isn’t it kind of funny?” She said as she touched his knee. “We’re always surrounded by people that think that way” she added.

“Wow, I never thought about it, like we’re a subset of a specific population? That might be considered cool or weird, I think it’s a good thing, what do you think? Tommy asked.

“I don’t know, that’s probably what I’m trying to find out” Jane pensively said as she looked at Tommy as he drove.


Tommy and Jane started seeing each other on a regular basis. After their fourth date Tommy attempted and successfully achieved vaginal and oral penetration. Jane wondered what took him so long.

Their pillow talk consisted of everything including movies, politics and books. But it always eventually circled back to Jane’s decision on returning to the Church as well Tommy’s future status with the NYPD.

They agreed that the NYPD and the Church were so much alike. Both institutions are currently evolving and will continue to do so; most likely more drastically as time moves on. The underlying question is: Do Tommy and Jane want any part of this unknown and potentially unpleasant future.

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