The Calling

Tommy picked Jane up a few blocks from her apartment in Bayside for their first date. As a joke, Tommy recommended a seafood restaurant. Jane queried about his seafood selection. She loved seafood. “Hey, after all it’s Friday!” Tommy joked.

Jane just shook her head and smiled, “You’re a real Wise Guy, huh?,” she kidded as he listed some of his seafood favorites. “By the way,” Jane seriously said, “I still only eat fish on Fridays.”

To which Tommy sheepishly replied, “Me too.”

“How about Angelo’s On the Bay, that's out in the One-O-Six Precient. Tommy casually said. “Oh yes, I know that place, it’s in St. Anthony’s Parish” she responded. They were now on their way to having a fine FRIDAY traditionally sanctioned seafood dinner.

“Did you notice how much the NYPD and the Church are ingrained in the sublimity of our references?” Jane asked.

“What do you mean?” Tommy said.

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