The Calling

Tommy’s circle of NYPD contemporaries thought The Job was changing for the worse. He agreed, but at the same time, he did not know if he totally was in step with the conventional wisdom of the retired NYPD Old Guard at this time.

The Old Guard considered the influx of civilians, women, gays, lesbians and minorities into the NYPD to be detrimental. They firmly believed these elements have been eroding the well ordered and established traditions of the department. Tommy’s father described it as “Mission Creep.” It was intentionally and insidiously led by politicalized left wing radical liberals.

Jane had decided not to procrastinate secular experiences since she was now on her own mission. She was emphatically up front to Tommy regarding “no conditions or questions” would be asked by the Church about her time away. This presupposed If or when she decided to return. Then Jane courageously asked Tommy out to dinner. This was a bold move for her.

Tommy immediately accepted her invitation, feeling the vibe between them. But he did accept with some thoughts of minor reservation and creative imagery.

The image of Tommy doing a Nun intrigued him. If she wanted to do me, the good book says “Do on to others as you would have them do unto you.” After all, it is a biblical principle. And there’s always confession. “Fuck it, Jane probably never heard of “The Irish Curse,” he reasoned, thinking of the thin girth and short length of his Irish manhood.

But subconsciously there was something more about Jane that intrigued him besides playing hide the salami with her.


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