The Calling

There was a thread of commonality: The Church and The NYPD.

Both families had been heavily invested in their faith. In addition, both their parents generation saw the Church as a “Calling,” as had both families similarly viewed the NYPD. Somehow, Tommy and Jane were the only family members of their generation currently serving in either one of these institutions. The Church and the NYPD, both evolving as had their families attitudes.

Within the past few years, Jane was trying to keep to herself her doubts and conflicting issues about her calling. The Church thought they discovered a sense of her discontent. But their counseling and meditation did not help. They were on the wrong track. Jane was purposely deceptive and did not steer them straight.

She was really concerned and bothered about the radical change in the Church. That was opposite of what her elders believed.

The Church finally “encouraged” her to go live in the civilian world for discovery and reflection while still remaining a member of the order.

Jane was assigned to Brooklyn as a lay teacher. The Church still had contact and control. In addition, Jane was renting her own small apartment, owned by a parishioner in Bayside, Queens who unofficially “kept an eye on her” for the Church.

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