The Calling

Tommy and Jane’s lives were a set on conditions providing a system in which their callings can survive. Each an individual, but similar matrix, both in and out of their institutions, are now rapidly changing. These changing systems are now simultaneously challenging Tommy and Jane’s individual callings. Tommy and Jane’s meeting was serendipitous. They were obviously previously unaware they were on the same trajectory. Now each is encouraging the other in their individual decision.


Some might call that fate. Who really knows what or who controls that?

A generalized secular version of the doctrine of predestination might be referred to as “election,” in the sense that some form of deity chooses mere mortals for their own purposes.

Was Tommy’s secular deity a disgruntled and perpetually drunk old donkey Irish Catholic NYPD Cop? A Lieutenant who spent more than thirty years on the desk doing rotating tours. Lieutenant Shamus McMahon with that Irish brouge who was finally forced to retire at sixty-two and then dropped dead a month later. This cop who loved The Job, but hated seeing the changes it endured. First “Eye-Talions” and now Boneheads and Sissies?” He moans.

Is Shamus looking to “do the right thing” for a fellow cop so that cop can avoid becoming drunk and bitter as the changes expand out of control? Shamus knowing there is nothing one can do to halt this creeping cancer of change in the NYPD.

The late Sister Mary Margret O’halon, Irish immigrant and former Catholic School English teacher with her heavy ruler in hand. Always watching to wack the knuckles of her misbehaving students. Was she Jane’s secular deity?  This Korean War widow turned Nun who became a Catholic traditionalist? Did she have her watchful eye on Jane? “Mass in English with Guitars and Folk Singers?” May the Saints preserve us!” She cries.

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