The Calling

Tommy only had seven years to retirement. But he wanted to stay past his twenty year retirement date until he was sixty-two. At that time, he would be forced to retire due to reaching the mandatory age requirement. He had been a cop since he was twenty-three years old. He knew nothing else. He did love The Job, but despised what he saw The Job was rapidly becoming.

Now the change the NYPD is experiencing has become more and more onerous on Tommy. He knows his options: Tommy could stay past his twenty, survive and unhappily adapt to the changes, or just retire at twenty years of service.

This decision fluctuates on Tommy’s awareness of becoming an NYPD “outsider,” as excruciatingly described by NYPD retirees. It borders on the sense of a depressing “loss of identity”. Tommy has fears he might become seen as “not one of us” by The Job.

Tommy has a vivid memory of an unknown retired cop, now working as a Private Investigator, coming into his Precient. This guy was asking for a favor from a rookie cop on the Telephone duty while Tommy was the Desk Officer. The rookie cop was rude and obnoxious. Tommy immediately interceded and handled the request with grace and respect. After the retired cop left, Tommy admonished the rookie cop: “One day that will be YOU, have some respect for these guys!” he softly, but firmly whispered to the rookie cop. “What’s this job coming to?” he then mumbled to himself.

Those incidents and emotions haunted him, because The Job has been and still is a calling to Tommy.

It soon was becoming time for Jane to make her decision. Her options were to return and unhappily succumb to the changes or leave. She knew if she left, there was no going back. No half way, no matter how the Church would accommodate her. Jane would be making a self declaratory statement that not only would become a drastic change in lifestyle, but a change in her soul and philosophy of life. A change in a life away from one dedicated to the Church and a methodology of carrying out the Church’s dictates of service to humanity. She was truly facing a critical lifetime crisis. The Church has been and still remains a calling to Jane.


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