The Calling

It was so depressing. Every afternoon at 1600 hours (4PM) they’d gather in one of the offices facing JFK International Airport. The airport sits miles across Jamaica Bay in Queens. Through unwashed windows, the hijacked IAB Sergeants and Lieutenants would watch the Concord SST take off.

To them the “Flight of the Concord” was a symbol of freedom, endurance and escape. Freedom from involuntary servitude and the endurance to complete their distasteful two year assignment. All of them bitching and moaning while drinking coffee and eating donuts. Counting off the days until being able to escape The Rat Squad and the distasteful taint accompanying their assignment.

They would refer to themselves as “Rat Boys.”


Tommy first met Jane in the parking lot on a bright spring afternoon. In an attractive way, Jane was kind of plain. In her early thirties, she stood about five foot three with mid length brown hair and blue eyes. Jane’s sexy slender figure was hiding under nondescript and unflattering clothing. With a nice smile, she was kind of cute.

Jane was out on a smoke break between teaching English classes.

Tommy had noticed her a few times before they actually spoke. He later found out she wanted to meet him and strike up a conversation.

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