The Calling

About Twenty-Five years ago, Tommy worked in Brooklyn. His supposedly “confidential and secret” office was located on the top floor of an old five story nondescript but still active Catholic High School built in the 1950’s.

Access to the office was through a rear fenced parking lot. The “confidential and secret” office had an unremarkable dedicated entrance. The top floor’s individual offices and its staff were segregated from the entire school. The offices consisted of two person dorm rooms once utilized by the Catholic Brothers who previously taught and were housed at this school. Lusty tales of guilt ridden and eventually forgiven sodomy would be revealed if these walls could talk.

The school was barely hanging on to students due to rapidly changing neighborhood demographics. Enrollment was way down. The  White Irish-Catholic pool of students was drying up. In addition, so were the Catholic lay teachers who replaced the Brothers. The school was a dying outpost of the Catholic Church.

This school would soon be gone, and with that, forgotten.

The cops through out Brooklyn knew the school housed the NYPD’s Brooklyn Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) offices. Even the  neighborhood residents and the Catholic School students knew “the secret”. This is where Tommy would finish out his involuntary Rat Squad stint.

“FUCK YOU where you breath Commissioner Kelly,” were the words uttered by the many supervisors hijacked to IAB throughout the NYPD.


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