The Body Shop

“Oh thank you” Mrs Mildred would say to Henry as he carried the package out to her car. “You’re so kind to help me with this. You know I do really like your arms, so firm and strong. I’ll know where to come if I need to borrow them sometime”. She would proceed to squeeze his biceps and give him a very obvious wink as she hobbled out of the door chuckling away to herself. If she was about ninety years younger Henry may have thought she was flirting with him! Mrs Mildred was one of the nice customers but there were also some unpleasant ones, most notably Mr McRood.


Mr McRood telephoned every day demanding to know where his order was.

“Well, is it bloody there yet?” he had rasped down the phone in a dry gravelly voice on Henry’s first day on the job.
“Err. What is it you want?” Henry had stammered.

“My bloody order! I placed it with you two weeks ago. I don’t know what kind of half-arsed outfit you’re running there but I need it now” he ranted. “The Body Shop; specialists in body replacement services it says here. Hah! Specialists indeed!”

“Erm…” Henry had felt his face flushing red not sure how to respond to the impatient old codger.

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