That Old Feeling

Testily, she gave in. “Alright, sixth stop. Such a nice girl was at the counter back then. You probably don’t know what a five-and-dime is, young man. Things actually cost five and ten cents back then. Well, not everything in the store…”

“Oh, and I think it was even the same door back then. That turn-style lock seems the same.” Bernie pointed to the door.

Marge shuffled her way to the lock. She pulled her handkerchief out and used it to yank the door shut, using it again to lock the door.

“Hey, don’t touch that. We’re still open, lady.” The clerk went for the door. Marge was in his way, and only smiled as he came toward her.

“Young man, please don’t talk to my wife that way.” Since the clerk was facing Marge, Bernie shuffled as quickly as he could to the clerk and slapped the handcuffs around his right hand.

The confused clerk managed, “Hey, what the …”

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