That Old Feeling

The clerk’s gaze had drifted back to the smart phone in his hand. He seemed freshly annoyed, putting the phone down on the counter. “I just work here, man. No relation. Look, folks, we close in ten minutes. It’s been slow all day, and I want to be out of here fast. So …”

“Young people these days,” Bernie said to his wife, “Always on their phones, no patience, never noticing what’s really going on. The service was much better back when this was a five and dime.”

Marge smiled. “Everything was better back in ’63,” she paused and winked at the young man flirtatiously. “This was our fifth stop on the trip, you know …”

“Sixth, dear.”

“Fifth.” Marge insisted.

“Dear, you always forget the diner where we had breakfast that morning. The waitress?” He addressed the clerk again. “She’s getting very forgetful, my Margie.”

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