That Old Feeling

“Hey Bernie, look at this!” Marge wheezed as she picked up the thick piece of glass from the thrift store shelf.

Bernie used his cane to join his wife. “Yeah, what about it? It’s just a paperweight,” Bernie said dismissively as she pressed the glass in his hand. “Hmm. Heavy. I like the way the swirled blue mixes with the red. Reminds me of playing marbles.”


“Is that all it reminds you of, dear?” Marge’s web of wrinkles parted in a suggestive smile as she took the weight back into her own hand.

Bernie caught her meaning. “Oh. Oh, yeah …” he chuckled, but it soon turned into a coughing fit. He leaned on his cane and coughed toward the floor.

She patted him clumsily on the back. “Are you okay, Dear? I’ll ask the young man for some water.”

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