Ten-Cent Treasures

“Of course. How silly of me,” said Taylor, “Gentile’s Luncheonette. My apologies. As I was saying, my little machine can change your fortune. I’m confident of that. I’ve seen mysterious things occur with my machines.” Taylor looked at Mr. Gentile.

“Go on.”

“I can place a machine with little bugs…”

Gentile flinched.

Taylor chuckled. “Relax Mr. Gentile. The bugs aren’t real. They’re made of rubber. You know, little toy bugs, all kinds of roaches and beetles and worms and spiders and ants and things. You name it and my little machine has them. The kids love them. They collect them, you know. They will come to your establishment in droves and drag their parents. Your foot traffic, which if you don’t mind my saying could use a boost, will increase to levels to which you are not accustomed. The parents will order sandwiches and hamburgers from you. The kids will want sodas and French fries in addition to the bugs. And, here’s the best part. For every dime placed in the machine for a rubber bug, you get to keep 3 cents. Not bad, huh?”

“What’s the catch?” asked a skeptical Gentile.

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