Back in 1984, Maggie was looking for some alternative world to study for her Journalism Bachelorette thesis. One option she considered was exploring her boyfriend Michaels’ impressions of driving a New York City taxi.  But Michael suggested exploring the Garment District cafeterias on Seventh Avenue. He had overheard the loud conversations of old Jewish men. They wove interesting tales of New York City in the 1960’s. Stories that might be lost to time if not documented. Michael thought that would be more interesting than those of a Taxi Technologist. Interviewing those men may give a new spin to the historical aspects of New York City.

But those topics did not fit her criteria for an alternative. Maggie sought a subset of the population that was unique and isolated. Seeing themselves as: “Us Against the World.” A brotherhood who trusted only each other.

She wisely drew the line at exploring the Hells Angels.

Her cousin Frankie was an NYPD Police Officer. Maggie remembered the funny stories he told at holiday gatherings. Frankie was always considered a bit eccentric. Even more so when at 29 years of age, he gave up a career in academia to become a Police Officer.

Maggie suspected with Frankie there was something more to his decision than just changing careers. The original story was he wanted to do the cop thing for only two years and then return full time to pursue his Ph.D. Frankie’s mother told Maggie that’s what Frankie told her. “YOUR COUSIN is prone to these types of things,” Aunt Annette sighed. “”He did it because it seemed the fun thing to do. But now, I’m wondering how long will this last? She added.

Maggie theorized there were many things that were left unsaid or became second nature to cops. Things that either intentionally or not, remain secretive. Known only to their world. She assigned that theory to Frankie as the motivation for his sudden and unlikely career change. Maggie didn’t buy the “doing it as a lark” theory Frankie floated as well. He must have known something and acted on it.”

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