Tammy Lynn's Burden

Grams cradled it in her arms, feeding it a bottle, again she shuddered at the thought of holding it and hoped Grams wouldn't make her. The sounds it made drinking the bottle were almost enough to make her vomit. She was glad she had stopped breastfeeding.

"Grams, I'm sorry alright? But I can’t anymore. Just hurts too much .It has teeth and it’s been biting my nipples …Grams ? " Tammy Lynn asked nervously

Tammy Lynn pulled the chain for the overhead ceiling fan light.

She wished she hadn't.

It was sitting on Grams chest eating. But it wasn’t a bottle it was feeding on... It was eating Grams. There at her throat, biting pieces of flesh off and slurping it down. It turned to look it her, she saw a gleam of recognition, (or was it a mutual disgust she saw?) Tammy Lynn couldn't scream, couldn't move. She made a gasping sound and tried to back up and tripped over some baby toys by the bed. She fell against the dresser, dislocating her shoulder and landed on the floor with a painful thump. She rose up on one elbow and looked over at her poor Grams. The shocked look on her face ..


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