Taken Between The Jaws

Ty looked at him with a skeptical air.

“Okay… Well I’ll see you later then…” Ty laughed at him.

As the four walked away, Samuel heard one of the girls.

“There it is!” she squealed. “Over there!”

Samuel heard the yipping of Ty, the laughter and excitement of the girls, and he stood there, waiting. Immediately a pok! followed, the rock either making contact with the ground or the wounded flesh of the squirrel. And he heard either yips of happiness or groans of disappointment. He was petrified, the howls of his former friends imprisoning him with fear. These were the same people he had once socialized with, once spoken to, and now they had a thirst for blood which could never be satisfied. It was horrifying—and yet Samuel could do nothing about it: his entire body was unmoving. The Guy In Corduroys howled, and Samuel knew it was over. Samuel stood paralyzed in the headlights of the sun, the sounds of Ty and The Guy In Corduroys moving closer and closer at inestimable speeds, him trembling in fear, knowing very well what was going to happen next.


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