Sweet Dreams

Adrian was running again. From both sides of the path he could feel the heat of burning rock, and with each step he could see that he was just out of reach of the hands that tried to grab at his feet. If he slowed down or lost his footing then they would have him. Fear gripped his heart with every footfall as he dared not to look behind him in order to see what was coming. And then it happened. Adrian tripped and fell. He screamed as unseen hands clamped around his legs and began to pull him down, and as he looked up through blurred vision caused by heat and sweat he could just make out someone walking towards him, and with one final scream, Adrian woke up.

For as long a he could remember Adrian had been suffering from bad dreams. They ranged from mildly unpleasant to violent nightmares and it was a result of these nocturnal torturing that he now found himself sitting in the waiting room of the offices of ‘Sweet Dreams Inc’ with a clipboard in one hand a pen in the other. ‘Pleasant Dreams’ was the heading of the questionnaire he was now filling in before his consultation with the president of Sweet Dreams Inc, Ms. Alicia D’Ville, and pleasant dreams was all that he longed for. The price had been a bit of a put off at the start to be honest, but he had to do something to rid himself of this constant torture. He had become painfully thin having been wracked by the demons that visited his unconscious mind night after night, and been unable to hold down a job for the past five years as he never seemed to have the energy to put a real effort into his work – he was just so tired all the time. The questionnaire was long but simple enough and only took fifteen minutes to finish, and having completed it he took it over to the young woman at reception. She was sleek, sexy and judging by the size of her mainframe housings, very man made. It was as if someone was pointing out the very obvious male joke of where intelligent women supposedly kept their brains – from his field of view Adrian figured that she must have been a genius.

‘Thank you Mr. Moorehouse, please take a seat and Ms D’Ville will be with you shortly’ she smiled a digital smile, one that had been calculated to be warm, inviting and comforting at the same time of which Adrian returned as he took his seat once more. He picked up one of the promotional magazines that had been left on the small table in front of him and read all about the groundbreaking technology that Sweet Dreams Inc had developed to ensure that their clients get the best nights sleep possible and rid them of their nightmares – forever. Adrian was so lost in his thoughts of a possible life without the nightmares that he didn’t hear the receptionist walk over to him and started slightly at her voice.

‘If you are ready Mr. Moorehouse, Ms. D’Ville will see you now’

‘Oh, Thank you Miss -?’

‘You may call me Alexis Mr. Moorehouse’

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