Survivor: South Pacific

The other two men nodded agreement, and the three followed the drag trail, which ended a few feet from their copse of shade scrub when the terrain turned from sand to rock.

“No telling where they dragged him from here,” Ogle said.

“Where do you get they?” Peasbury said. “If there were more than one, wouldn’t they have carried Stallings instead of dragging him?”

“Maybe they dragged him to obscure their tracks, Peasbury,” Ogle said. “There could be one or more; we don’t know because Stallings wiped out their footprints.”

“Every question begets another question,” Meade said. “A full search of the island is called for. Peasbury and I will scour the shores for further clues. As the strongest of us, Mr. Ogle, I rely on you to search the heights.”

“Yes, sir,” Ogle said. “But we must not go unarmed.”

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