Survivor: South Pacific

“I’m familiar with the procedure, Peasbury,” Meade said. He had served under one such heartless bastard on his first whaling cruise, a sadist who flogged a young man almost to death before stranding him on a barren coral atoll for Mother Nature to finish.

“There is no way,” Ogle said. “I would have found him.”

Peasbury snorted. Ogle balled his ham-like fists and scowled.

Meade shook his head. “I think not, Peasbury. I have complete faith in Mr. Ogle’s observations. If someone else were marooned here he would at least have found signs of him.”

Ogle nodded, the castaway question settled to his satisfaction.

Meade said, “Which leaves us where we started, with mere theories. We must now investigate, starting with where Stallings might have been dragged to.”

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