Survivor: South Pacific

Meade pondered Ogle’s theory. “I don’t know our exact location, but we are relatively far from known cannibal islands, Mr. Ogle.”

“These island savages are all cannibals,” Ogle said.

“Perhaps so. But if cannibals did steal Mr. Stallings, why didn’t they just kill all of us?”

Peasbury answered, “Perhaps they didn’t want to risk waking us and starting a fight.”

“Or maybe they’re keeping us fresh for a future stew,” Ogle said. The three men were silent for a moment, each no doubt pondering himself cubed into little chunks of meat simmering away in a giant cauldron as naked savaged cavorted in hungry anticipation.

“Could be a castaway, sir,” Peasbury said. “A misfit lad marooned here by some heartless bastard of a captain.”

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