Survivor: South Pacific

Stallings was missing, and a trail in the sand indicated that he hadn’t left on his own. Someone had dragged him away.

Peasbury was supposed to be on watch. Meade kicked him awake, receiving a surprised curse for his efforts.

Ogle awakened at the ruckus. “Where in blazes is my harpoon?”

Meade hadn’t noticed that their only weapon had been taken along with Stallings. He also wasn’t surprised that Ogle would miss his harpoon more than Stallings, enough not to notice his absence at all. Meade pointed out the obvious facts to both of the groggy men.

“He was there at the end of my watch, sir,” Ogle said. “This slacker let his guard down.”

“Perhaps I would have been more vigilant on watch if you hadn’t told us we were alone on this island,” Peasbury said.

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