Surgical Strategies

“Well,” said Brian, “so, it’s looking like we might need to let you go.”

“You can fire me in 3 minutes in your office. Why the Scotch?”

“Here’s the thing, Cy,” Brian said. “You were at the meeting today, right? We’ve got three-point-five million dollars in that darn Surgery Tower, and the darn place is half empty. We’re so far below our budget projections for the year, it isn’t even funny.”

“Surgery numbers are down all over, if I understood your graphs this morning.”

“True, Cy, sadly true. It isn’t that we’re not topnotch, I mean, we have state of the art everything, and those private rooms with the spectacular views, and the good-looking nurses (male and female, Cy), and the new marble floors – those are really nice, have you seen them?  No, the problem isn’t us.  It’s that people aren’t having surgery.”

“Some might consider that a good thing, Brian,” said Cedric.

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