Surgical Strategies

“See, the hard part here is, Cy, we’ve been really happy with your work. I’d say you have a natural talent for it.”

“I’ve enjoyed the challenges,” said Cedric.

“The way you handled that recruiter’s labor grievance last summer was sheer genius.”        “I’m happy to take credit where it’s due, Brian, but you do recall she actually quit?”

“Exactly,” said Brian. “She went over to Cactus Sunrise East, so she’s their headache now.  Our legal staff was completely satisfied with that outcome.  And by the way she’s the one who alerted me to the, ah, anomalies in your background… I guess she was kind of mad at you! Anyhoo,” he continued, “we don’t want to lose you. But this stuff with the application and resume inaccuracies and all, I mean, it just doesn’t fly. You can appreciate that, Cy, right?”

Cedric carefully put his empty tumbler down.

“Ok,” he said. “What’s the deal?”

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