Surgical Strategies


Two months later, Cedric set up a canvas umbrella chair near the route of the Prickly Pear Blossom Senior Cycling Classic.  He’d picked this spot carefully, where the race course ran over a flat stretch, with a sharp turn to the next downslope.  He shifted the chair around, assessing the view.  When the chair was perfectly situated, mostly out of sight of racers and spectators, and shielded from above by its umbrella, Cedric took two items out of his pockets, sat, and composed himself to wait.

“Just to be perfectly clear,” Brian had said, “we don’t want any accidental fatalities.  Killing people doesn’t help the Surgery Tower, Cy. We can’t do hip pinning on corpses.  Let’s just get few of the seniors, Lord bless ‘em, knocked off their bikes, cracked femurs, broken wrists, like that.  We’ll fix ‘em up good as new.  Think of it as a pilot project.  Going forward we can tweak operational details, look at other surgical specialties besides orthopedics, focus on folks with the Cadillac insurances.   By the way,” he’d added, “not to micromanage, but I’d appreciate if you let me know where you plan to, uh, get the job done.  Don’t tell me details.  I just want to be there to admire the result.”

A week before the bicycle race, Cedric stopped in the CFO’s office.

“Try standing on the north side of the route west of Paseo Diablo Dorado,” he said.  “Good view there.”

That day, on the way back to his own office, mindful of operational expenses , Cedric detoured to the deserted conference room and picked the lock on a mahogany cabinet.

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