Surgical Strategies

Cedric Goram had attended many meetings in his time.  Not long ago he had attended one wearing an orange jump suit and handcuffs. Today, as head of Human Resources at Huber Moneda Hospital, he was attending the monthly all-staff meeting wearing a designer sport coat and silver cufflinks.  The hospital’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Asch, stood at the podium.  Brian wore a fine light-weight pinstripe suit and a toupee.  He was talking about profitability.

Cedric himself had always been a people person, not a numbers geek. His mind wandered.

The conference room featured sleek chandeliers illuminating leather chairs and a new hardwood floor.  Cedric’s eye automatically sought portable items – the calculation of portability-to-value ratios was one of his areas of expertise – and he noted a Waterford crystal pitcher and matching tumblers on a cherry sideboard.  However, his examination of the room’s contents was strictly an academic exercise.  He would not risk spoiling the first legitimate gig he’d had in over 15 years. He wasn’t getting any younger, and it was time to settle down.

“….market share,” bean-counter Brian was saying. “We’ve invested a lot of money in the Surgery Tower. Unfortunately, surgical revenues are falling all across the region, and our return on investment is impacted.” As he spoke, he directed a red laser dot at various areas of a graph projected behind him.

“What can we do to boost our surgery numbers?” Brian Asch asked, wrapping up.  “Recommend HMH to your friends. Encourage your healthcare providers to send their patients to us. You’re the solution, people, work it!”

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