Super Soul Sister

the stretchers left to the ambulances through a forced opening in the crowd.

I watched the flames die as people dispersed.

“Wrong!” Cal looked around to the few left at the scene. “It’s just wrong, Will!” He stomped on the ground and pounded his fist repeatedly into his palm. “‘Woman could see who hurt and how, then do something. She wasn’t like the rest of us. Sister Say could see, Will.  And save.”

I stood and listened. My eyes stung. A bald man in a seersucker suit with a clipboard came over and announced that he was from the coroner’s office.

“I’m sorry but I was told that you gentlemen knew the deceased, both parties.”

Calvin Grimes wrapped his arms around his midsection as he fought back a wail, the loud hum remaining in his mouth as tears rolled down his face. We stood in silence, watching him.

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