Super Soul Sister

“I AM A MAN!” Stan Ellefson bellowed in every direction. Again and louder, he repeated it before a laughing crowd.


“Stanley, I know. And I know you Stanley. You’re not this; this is not the Stan Ellefson I love.”

At the sight of her, Stan dropped his hands at his sides. “You love everybody though. What kind of love is that?”

The crowd roared. A piece of rope landed at Stan’s feet, followed by a beer bottle, then a ball peen hammer. He snarled and raised the gun to shoulder level, his one eye squinting in aim. Sister Say sprinted towards him with outstretched arms. The sound of a single shot flooded my

hearing. For a moment, everything I saw went into slow motion—including the joined collapse of Stan and Say. Larsson was the first one to them. He waved his arm furiously for the EMTs. Cal Grimes and I helped the police officers to circle around them. It seemed like an hour before

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