Super Soul Sister

“At least you’re entertaining.” The police Chief nodded over to the laughter from Stan and the crowd at the sight of the now seated Trondur. In an instant, all turned quiet as Stan went into a crouch, his gun hand curled around his shins. From three sides, as police began to move in; Stan stood and unfurled. The axe flew into the open behind him, his gun aimed barely above the crowd.

“She’s here!” Cal Grimes screamed.

I looked over and saw two uniforms escort the slight figure and freckled face of Sister Say over to Larsson.

“It’s about the gun,” the Chief helped her fasten a Kevlar vest. “Remember, Sister: get him to put it down. Stay only within shouting distance.”

“And your guns?” She spoke with a smile. “I want your word, Chief Larsson, that—”

“—I won’t do what I cannot do.”

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