Super Soul Sister

learning that she was recently only semi-successful in fending off a tweeked-out slasher. Repeatedly, she told me I wasn’t needed. Ever the sole crusader. She wanted to and

did her best work alone. Later, I found out that Stan, even drunk, was a better bodyguard. I saw her maybe half a dozen times in the last couple of years.

“This don’t end well, Will Day,” Grimes called out.

I watched Stan feign a rush at the Berserkers, his gun pointed to the sky. Larsson spoke into his head set.

“All’s in place, Chief,” a uniform rushed to his side. I looked past the crowd and up. Odin’s Acre was the only building structure in the area, the only possible cover, except for the three fire truck ladders, now manned but not by firefighters.

“No way.” I leaned over to Larsson.

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