Stupid Baby

She got up, not getting dressed and padded down to the baby’s room, wearing flannel pajamas with yellow baby rabbits on them. Baby rabbits were cute. All baby animals were. She wondered why only human babies were ugly. Maybe because they were hairless and pink like baby varmints.

The baby’s door was closed. Louise opened it, careful not to make any noise. Her parents’ room was farther down the hall, but they had the door open.

“Stupid baby,” Louise whispered once she was in the room.

The blinds were open, and the early morning sun streamed in. The baby lay in its crib, staring up at the mobile hanging from the ceiling just above it. There was a wooden toy chest in the corner, full of toys the baby was still too young to use.

“Stupid baby,” Louise whispered again. She went over to the toy chest, knelt down, opened it and began rifling through it. Most of the stuff was too young for her. She was eight, and this stuff was for toddlers. There was a Teddy Bear she liked, though. She took it, shut the chest, and walked over to the crib, still holding the bear in the crook of her arm.

The baby was watching her.

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