Stupid Baby


She flushed, clenching her fists. He knew...somehow he knew what she had been up to even if he hadn’t heard her. She stared at him, hating him. He still didn’t meet her eyes. He was on the baby’s side. He hated her.

She glared at him for another moment.

“I hope you fall in front of a truck,” she said finally. “Squish your head an’ die.”

“Louise!” He glanced up finally, but she had already left.


She woke up early the next morning before either of her parents, the way she usually did. It had just started getting light out. Her first thoughts went to the baby, the invader. She could sense its presence in the house. It was an intruder here. This was her house, not the baby’s. It didn’t even do anything. It just lay there, making everyone else wait on it. She wondered why her mother had been stupid enough to want it.

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