Stupid Baby

“No thanks, hon. Would you mind, though...sleeping in the guest room? I’m exhausted.”

“No problem.”


“I hate you. I hope you die. You can fool everyone else, but you can’t fool me.”

Louise paused, staring at the baby. The sun had gone down earlier, but there was still enough twilight slipping in around the sides of the venetian blinds for her to be able to make out most of the baby’s features. It was awake, simply watching her with that flat strange gaze. Babies were supposed to be innocent, but there was nothing innocent in this baby’s eyes. It wasn’t necessarily evil, just...alien.

Whatever it was, Louise hated it. She wanted to put it under her shoe and crush it.

She glanced quickly towards the door to make sure neither of her parents were coming. The house was perfectly still. She and the baby were the only two creatures in existence.

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