Stupid Baby

John had begun unpacking her clothes, still pacing around with nervous energy.

“It doesn’t seem like jealousy,” he insisted. “Anyway, she’s too cold about it.”

Marie closed her eyes, placing her hands on her belly. It was going to take at least six months to get rid of this excess weight. Maybe more. She debated the pros and cons of being fat and decided it wouldn’t be so bad. It wasn’t as if she had made a living out of being a fashion model or anything. Besides, once you had a child you weren’t considered fat; you were matronly.

“It’s just her way,” she said finally. “You know that. Louise is a real child not a Disney character. Good for her. Personally, clingy kids annoy me to no end. They remind me of Rhesus monkeys.”

“I’m not worried because she’s not affectionate,” John said, though privately he had worried about that. “I’m worried because she’s not just jealous of the baby: she hates the baby. With no reservations.”

“Well....” Marie rolled over on her side and curled up to get more comfortable. “She’ll get used to her. One way or the other.”

John shrugged, not knowing how to answer. The discussion seemed to be over. He glanced at his wife.

“Do you want an extra blanket?” he asked solicitously.

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