Stress Relief

Looking around, the beggar noticed they were in a secluded area. Thick forest lined both sides of the trail, not a car or house in sight. A chill ran up the filthy man’s spine.

Putting the truck in park, John switched off the engine and pocketed the keys. Then he turned toward his passenger looking slightly agitated. “We gotta do that quick so I’m not late for work. It’s kinda funny. I was having trouble finding another victim before you came along, practically falling in to my lap. ” said John.

The beggar was trembling now, barely keeping the knife. Turning, he fumbled with the latch trying to open the passenger door. The beggar could not think straight. He was panicking.

“Outside you have a chance. You ought to probably get out and run. ” John said, pulling out a knife from under the seat. “This won’t be any fun for me personally if you don’t. I’m counting to three. ”

The person fumbled at the latch.

“One. ” said John.

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