Stingy Jack

As he turned to leave, Jack spoke up.  “Wait.  Don’t leave.  Not yet.”  Trying hard to hide the desperation in his voice, Jack continued.  “If ye think me soul is valuable, I know of something else that is far more precious.”

“Like what?”

“Ye don’t expect me to just give it away now, do ye?  Like me soul, this particular item will come with a price.  But I’ll tell ye what I’ll do.  I’ll show ye the item, and then ye can make me an offer.  How’s that sound?”

The devil, always searching for a bargain, agreed.  “Where is it?”

“I like to keep me valuables far from prying eyes.  Ye see that tree next to ye?  It’s up at the very top.  All ye have to do is climb up there and look.”

The devil did as Jack suggested and climbed the tree to the very top.  But when he got there, he found nothing.  “What is this?  There’s nothing up here.”

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