Stingy Jack

“Would you sell your soul for a glass of ale?”

“At this moment, I believe I would.  But I don’t see any buyers around here.”

The stranger smiled, downed his last swallow, and regarded Jack with a sly expression.  “Would you consider selling your soul to me for a good drink?”

Jack had the stranger right where he wanted him.  Obviously the stranger was the superstitious type who gave into believing in nonsensical ideas.  This was going to be easy.

“Why, sir,” Jack declared.  “If ye were in the market for a soul, I believe that ye would find mine in excellent condition, and quite the bargain.  Shall we say, a full flagon of ale?”

Just then, the stranger produced a sheet of paper.  On it there were markings in a language Jack did not recognize.  At the bottom was a dotted line.  “If you’re a man of your convictions, then sign here and the ale shall be yours.”

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