Stingy Jack

In a flash, Jack whipped out his trusty pocket knife and carved a cross in the bark of the tree.  Furious, the devil shrieked his contempt at Jack, but there was little else he could do.  With the cross carved into the tree, the devil was stuck and could not come down.

“Now,” Jack said.  “I’ll make ye a new deal.  Ye tear up our previous contract and agree to never visit me again and I will remove this cross and let ye down.”

The devil’s anger was enormous and he cursed Jack for his trickery.  Never in his existence had anyone fooled him.  But in the end, he knew that Jack had won.  Taking the contract from his pocket, the devil set it aflame.

When Jack was sure of his success, he took his knife and scraped away the cross.

When the devil descended from the tree, he stood before Jack and acknowledged that he had been bested.  “But hear this,” the devil warned.  “A day will come when you’ll regret your transgressions, Stingy Jack.”

With nothing more, the devil departed, leaving the skies to clear, and the winds to fade, and Jack to revel in his victory.

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