“Hello, Ignatius,” he said, coolly handing back a stack of driver’s licenses to a group of young looking eighteen-year-olds.  Randall assumed that either the ID’s were fake, or they were scared to be downtown, or most likely both.  “Watch yourselves,” he said to the gaggle of overly wide, black lined eyes.  Two wore wigs, and the rest pulled their undyed hair into ponytails that glimmered with a sheen of hairspray and raindrops.  They were little girls playing dress up, and granted they were less at risk than the boys – for whatever reason, the female non-dead population of the upper Midwest vastly outweighed the male population, which in turn caused a similar situation in the human population. Girl dead prefer young, sweet, and preferably sweaty boys, which was why clubs and gyms were particularly dangerous.  Male vampires were more omnivorous.  And they rarely followed the rules.

“How many times must I remind you to call me Iggy,” the young man said, his lower lip gathered into a plaintive pout.

“Your hands are icing,” Randall told him, motioning in the rest of the line with a curt wag of his chin.

“Oh,” Ignatius said, flexing his fingers and releasing long shards of clear ice, which shattered on the damp sidewalk.  “So they are.  Blasted rain.” He shoved his hands into the deep pockets of his coat.  It was a beautiful coat, slim cut cashmere in a rich burgundy, the only color for miles, it seemed to Randall.  Ignatius noticed him staring and took the opportunity to model with an artistic flair.

“Do you like it? I wore something similar back when I was the toast of Paris.  Pity you couldn’t have been there then, my friend.  I could have used a big, strong bodyguard such as yourself.”  Ignatius moved in close.  Randall felt the chilled breeze from his refrigerated lips, felt the cold radiating from that whip thin frame.  He shivered.

“Door’s closing,” Randall said, his voice like sandpaper.  “And I’m not your friend.” He paused, as though by forcing his lips into a grim line, he could make that statement true. “You in or you out.”

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