Ick - Editor

by C.T.Thomas

When Ash was seven, she had a mole removed from the back of her hand near the base of her left thumb, performed by her physician with a local anesthetic. Her anxious mother kept her own eyes squeezed shut while assuring Ash that it would all be over soon. They both left with lollipops, Ash itching to get home and away from watchful eyes, so she could peel back the bandaging and prod at the numb gouge in her hand.

As soon as she could, Ash hurried out of the back door of her family's two storied home, her lemon cream pigtails swinging until she stopped at the furthest corner of the yard. With her back facing the house, she plopped down on her knees and sat back, dirtying the ankles of her white socks and blue Mary Jane shoes. She panted heavily for a few moments, though she had not travelled fast or far. This once surprised her, but it had become normal over time; no more swimming, it made her shoulders sore.

Ash marveled at the complete lack of feeling in her hand as she pulled at the tape holding the gauze cover in place. Her stuck skin jumped in time with her tugs, but she didn't feel even a tickle. Ash imagined that the doctor had chopped her hand off at the wrist and swapped it with someone else's, that this other person felt the pulls and tugs she administered. She grinned at the idea and wondered at the horrible things this other person might do with her swapped appendage.

The wound was still fresh, red but no longer pooling blood. She remembered her mother's warnings about infection and dirty fingers, so she kept herself from poking directly at the hole. Instead she plucked a blade of grass and pricked at the area, giggling at the missing sensation.

She peered around her, in search of a more interesting tool to test her numbed limb, but nothing else was nearby. The tool-shed would be locked, she knew, as she was not allowed inside without a parental escort.

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